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MEDNA Scientific is an Irving, Texas-based logistic company that supplies and supports the biopharma industry. Its flagship service, MEDNA Procurement, is a sourcing and procurement service that is highly automated and streamlined. MEDNA Procurement enables the efficient and cost-effective requesting, ordering, tracking, and receiving of company supplies. The software features multi-level access privileges, full audit trails, and the auto-generation of spending reports. A devoted team of procurement negotiators, accountants and customer support professionals are ready to support your procurement needs.

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MEDNA-Engineering (MEDNA-E), a division of MEDNA Scientific, designs and builds sensors and controls, workstations, laboratories and facilities. Its core technology platform is MEDNA iController, a cloud-enabled software that can monitor and control devices as well as entire facility. MEDNA has developed a range of process automation equipment and controls, including MEDNA Scouts, MEDNA VASO, and MEDNA OCTO systems for applications such as autonomous media preparation and protein purification system with remote control and unlimited I/Os. In addition, MEDNA also provides calibration and validation services.

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Other Members of the Medna Life Science Group (MLSG)


RENKOM is a US-based software company that designs and develops cloud-based enterprise software. In 2012, the company developed and commercialized RENKOM RTS, its flagship data management suite. This software system has advanced security and customization features and can support entire company operation as a single enterprise software solution. RENKOM RTS has been implemented by major US companies for 5+ years. In 2018, RENKOM launched RENKOM ZEN, an automation and artificial intelligence suite as an add-on to RENKOM RTS. In addition to the ENTERPRISE version, RENKOM has developed the ORGANIZATION version for group collaboration and the TEAM version for team collaboration. TEAM is free for students and academic use.

Nanomolar is a web platform that weekly crawls technologies open for licensing from over 55 public and private institutions. Nanomolar enables an organization to list a technology on the platform. The search engine and web app allow keywords and natural language search to help find the most relevant technologies in a 25,000+ technologies database. Nanomolar continues to work closely with companies and provide them with business development services for the licensing of their assets. It is also able to define technology patent strategies as well as identifying potential buyers for the asset.
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